Duncraig Senior High School

Project Details

Greg Paterson

27 Readshaw Road Duncraig Perth , WA 6023 Australia

Kiril Petrov


Boris Poznovia

Project Overview

The design of the whole complex presents a contemporary, vibrant new teaching facility and administration building that will significantly enhance the 30 year old high school campus, making a strong statement in relation to the strength of the educational outcomes provided by both Duncraig Senior High School and the State Education System.

Duncraig is a school built in 1979 for students from Year 8 to Year 12 with single story classrooms set in a natural Australian bush environment. There had been no upgrade since that time. The classrooms are faculty based with each separate building having a central 'break out ' space that the classrooms feed into. The entrance to the school was unattractive and uninviting.

The brief to the architects was to create a block of classrooms to accommodate the new intake of Year 7 students for 2015. Since there still existed considerable natural bush to the north of the block, the new buildings should open to a new entrance from a different road that would in effect turn the school around. The new entry would be welcoming and the Year 7 block should be in close proximity to a new administration and reception area. The building should offer teaching and learning spaces that, while in keeping with the rest of the school buildings in terms of size and materials, should provide a safe, separate and age appropriate facility.

The design of the new Teaching Block was conceptualised around a 'learning courtyard ' which facilitates learning beyond the classroom. The space is activated by creative and engaging landscape design; the changing ground levels create opportunities for retaining sitting walls for students to gather around and use as seats, tables, learning spaces and play areas. The orientation and arrangement of buildings protects the courtyard from prevailing weather and a covered amphitheatre also provides a sheltered play, assembly and outdoor teaching space.

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2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility