Margaret Ames Centre Immanuel College

Project Details

Swanbury Penglase Architects


32 Morphett Road Novar Gardens , SA 5045 Australia

Kon Michael

$14.9 Million

Sam Noonan

Project Overview

From an extensive educational brief process, the Margaret Ames Centre has successfully expanded original senior spaces, to create a new dynamic 'world class ' multimodal & multimedia facility that embraces the latest educational paradigms and provides an innovative design with characteristics of naturalness, individualization and stimulation for its staff and students.

Jury Citation:

The Margaret Ames Centre entry by Swanbury Penglase Architects exhibited robust pre design planning and comprehensive educational specifications.

Site development was well managed and the facility was so located to give excellent presentation to Immanuel College.

Educational needs were well catered to thus providing an exciting  variety of learning spaces that support a 21st Century learner.

The final design is outstanding both externally and internally and the design team are to be congratulated on this wonderful facility.

From an extensive educational brief process, the new Margaret Ames Centre at Immanuel College has successfully expanded the original senior spaces, to create a new dynamic 'world class ' multimodal & multimedia educational facility that embraces the latest educational paradigms to help prepare the College 's senior students for their future tertiary education and workplace environments.

The new senior school embraces a modern innovative teaching philosophy which is research-driven, active and student centred. Learning spaces are both formal and informal, promoting creativity and flexibility, allowing for multiple purposes concurrently so that students may undertake a range of activities as individuals or groups. The inclusion of the latest global technology and multiple writeable surfaces throughout also facilitates this engaging approach to learning.

The complex and fluid shapes of the building forms, including the sculpturally shaped atriums create dynamic and light-filled spaces, from quiet study and collaborative spaces through to adaptive multi-sized studios and meeting rooms and a 200 seat lecture theatre that further builds on the variety of learning opportunities. A cafe located on the ground floor embraces and encourages social connections for the building 's community.

Transparency of spaces is critical for the connections and visibility of its staff and students, with easily opened glass walls between spaces that also breakout to the adjacent landscaped courtyards and external covered ways, promoting the understanding that learning can be done anywhere.

Internally the use of natural materials with simple colours and textures help to connect this large building and aid the quality internal environment created through the use of controlled natural lighting, refined acoustics, quality fresh air movement, sun sensing up-lights and the use of internal planting. Together these elements achieve a gratifying sense of wellness and honesty about the building.

The sophisticated building interiors are expanded through purpose-built joinery, alcoves & screens, through to the selected individualised furniture that include characteristics like agility, resilience, colour, comfort and purpose, that help to define the quality of the finishes incorporated throughout.

The Margaret Ames Centre sets a new benchmark for education facilities in Australia and a new beginning of a new learning culture at Immanuel.

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