Executive Committee

We would like to introduce you to LEA's Executive for 2022. The Executive meet every two months, or more frequently if required.

Daniel Smith


Staff Intro - Daniel is the Managing Director of Leaf Architecture, an architectural practice based in Sydney that creates intentional, research driven designs. Daniel strongly believes in the power of design to help facilitate greater education outcomes. He is passionate about the impact of space in learning and is buildiing his career based on an indepth understanding of pedagogy, learning and space.

Laurence Robinson


Laurence has been a member of CEFPI/LEA since 2007. He is a director of Brand Architects in East Melbourne, and has worked in the education field for most of his career.

Dani Martin

Secretary + Mayfield Project Chair

Dani is an Associate at Hayball in Brisbane and has been an LEA member since 2008. She was one of the founders of the Mayfield Project in 2009, and continues her commitment to making learning more accessible for young professionals through her continual role as Mayfield Project Chair. Working as Communications Chair in two different Chapters and now sitting on the Regional Communications Committee, Dani has a passion for celebrating and sharing the work and activities of the LEA community and the positive experiences learning environments can create.

Deb O'Riley

International Director

Deb O’Riley is an Education Consultant for Learning Space Design - previously Director, New Schools, for the Department for Education, South Australia.

Marino Rossi

Past Chair

Marino is an Architect and Director of Thomson Rossi, an Adelaide based firm established 25 years ago. Marino joined CEFPI/LEA in 2011 and is LEA's current Chair

Ros Marsland


Ros's passion as an advocate for the improvement of school design was ignited when she coordinated the redevelopment of a major Perth high school. Her membership of LEA for 16 years continues to be invaluable, supportive and rewarding.

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