The Victorian Chapter Office Bearers for 2021

Lisel Thomas

Chair & VIC representative on Council

Lisel Thomas is an urban planner with over 20 years' experience working for both local Councils and State Government.

Scott Alterator

Chair Elect & VIC Representative on Council

Wayne Hay


Growing up in Alabama, I found inspiration in art, mythology, science fiction, and superheroes. My favourite superhero group was the X-Men. Unlike other superheroes, the X-Men were considered freaks and feared by those they protected. The X-Men also worked as a team with each member’s distinct skills enhancing the group. The X-Men were truly collaborative. It was their teamwork that made them strong rather than any one member’s power. Much like superheroes, architects aspire to be the perfect ‘all-rounder’; the perfect superman. The problem is that Superman is boring and being great at everything is impossible. I am not great at everything. What I do provide is good design without a big ego. I place high importance on the design process, research, and helping clients realise their goals. Design is fun and bringing clients along on that journey is vital. At Baldasso Cortese, I am a senior project architect in Melbourne. With almost twenty-five years of experience, I have planned, led, and delivered award winning master plans and architectural designs for a range of award winning education and commercial projects. I place high importance on customer service and an inclusive design process to help clients turn their objectives into great designs.

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