Adelaide West Specialist Education Centre, Taperoo, SA

Commendation - Category 1A - New Construction: Entire New School

Project Details

Thomson Rossi/Perumal Pedavoli. Submitted by SA Dept of Education & Children's Services.

Commendation - Category 1A - New Construction: Entire New School

Project Overview

Submitted by  the South Australian Department of Education & Children's Services.
This new special school was developed for students with physical disabilities, sensory impairment, intellectual disability and some students that are non verbal as part of a PPP development in Adelaide within the grounds of an existing Reception –Year 12 School. An extensive planning process involving parents and staff on the determination of the site location and further consultation during the post bid phase of the PPP process involved workshops and design reviews. The physical environment is planned to expand the students’ world and allow therapy activities to be undertaken in adjacent teaching and learning spaces, in addition to breaking down perceptions of an institution for people with disabilities. With a strong nexus between the brief and design solution the final design provides a variety of learning and play spaces, both outdoor and indoor incorporating sensory gardens, bicycle pathways, classrooms and specialist areas filled with natural light and colour to promote independent learning through a series of stimulating learning environments.

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