John Monash Science School, Monash University, Clayton Campus, Victoria

Commendation - Category 1A - New Construction: Entire New School

Project Details

Taylor Oppenheim Architects

Commendation - Category 1A - New Construction: Entire New School

Project Overview

The John Monash Science School has been established within the Clayton Campus of Monash University as a partnership arrangement based on shared facilities for Year 10 – 12 students. The facility is intended as a centre of innovative, research based teaching and learning in science, mathematics, and technology and teacher development. .The design solution was based on an education brief developed through lengthy consultation with teachers, university staff and students from surrounding schools. The physical environment is very different from traditional learning environments comprising open commons neighbourhoods and a central atrium running the full length of the building. This provides a variety of adaptable learning spaces to cater for different teaching methodologies supported by leading edge technology. The building incorporates an energy saving building management system for controlling lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling, rainwater harvesting, double glazing and sun shading devices to reduce heat and glare and landscaping which requires no irrigation. The end result is a well executed building providing students and teachers with a stimulating learning environment.

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