St Brigid's School, Multi-Purpose Learning Centre, Kilburn, South Australia

Commendation - Category 1B - New Construction: Major Facility

Project Details

Brown Falconer

Commendation - Category 1B - New Construction: Major Facility

Project Overview

This project involved the staff and community, through the use of staff meetings, planning group forums, public meetings, interstate visits and research into recently completed facilities to define the brief for a new multi-purpose learning centre. Student input through class exercises related to the development of their dream classroom and multi-purpose facility. In planning for the provision of new, adaptable, and connected learning areas for class and shared use the diverse learning needs of the school and community were at the forefront of discussions. Extensive research was carried out on the fit out of learning areas and this has resulted in a stimulating physical environment full of light, air, colour and comfortable furniture. The use of movable walls, break out spaces and a shared community gathering place have produced teaching and learning spaces which support students to become more independent, flexible and creative in their learning.

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