St Kevin's Primary School, New Learning Centre, Hampton Park Victoria

Commendation - Category 1B - New Construction / Major Facility

Project Details

Baldasso Cortese Pty Ltd

Commendation - Category 1B - New Construction / Major Facility

Project Overview

The wider school community are seen as an integral part of the school and this is exemplified by the planning processes incorporated in the development of the new learning centre for year 4 students funded through the B.E.R. The representative planning committee working with the architects provided detailed input from and feed back to their respective groups regarding proposed pedagogy, associated staff training, facility relationships and community usage. As a consequence the facilities incorporate a community meeting room and performances / rehearsal / instructional space which can operate separately to the learning areas. Good levels of natural ventilation and light flood the deep internal footprint as the new learning centre incorporates ESD components related to energy savings, water harvesting, sun shading, natural lighting and ventilation and the use of movable walls. Strong dynamic external forms create the image of an exciting physical environment and have exceeded the expectations of the school community and re-invigorated staff to examine and adopt contemporary learning approaches.

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