St Michael's Grammar School, Allan Pizzey Building

Winner - Category 3 - An Educative Initiative or Design Solution for an Innovation Program

Project Details

Architectus, Melbourne

Winner, Category 3, An Educative Initiative or Design Solution for an Innovation Program

Project Overview

This is a project where the process of its birth and development is having as lasting an impact as the buildings themselves.

An intense and highly inclusive planning process in 2006 that involved students at all levels has produced a building that responded to students wishes and aspirations. Equally lasting is how that experience has informed learning and pedagogy in the school since and created an awareness of space and the opportunities of spaces that have lasted in the students that were part of the process and beyond. Three years after completion there is a great sense of ownership of the building. Also the voice given to students in 2006 is now reflected in skills and confidence in presentation, debating and discussion in all aspects of the curriculum.

This project is a great example of a thoughtful and exciting refurbishment of an existing facility. The design demonstrates an emphasis on student engagement through its use of colour and graphic imagery. The new library environment supports a variety of teaching and learning approaches and is an inviting space for students, essential for stimulating inquiry based learning. 

Congratulations to the School and Architectus in daring to involve a whole school community in a process that is so often deliberately left to the "experts”!

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