Learning Environments Spatial Lab, University of Melbourne

LESL was intended as a unique, provocative environment challenging educators, designers and institutions. LESL’s design was inspired by the multiple metaphors of ‘the theatre stage’ and ‘circus’ as places where the facility is easily adaptable and its operation visible to the occupants; and the ‘garage’ in terms of its practical use and its role housing various projects and constructions.

Project Details

Architectus in conjunction with A/Pr Peter Jamieson

Winner Category 5: An Education Initiative or a Design Solution for an Innovative Program

Project Overview

This initiative involves the conversion of a gymnasium at the University of Melbourne to create an experiential environment to explicitly explore and experiment with pedagogy-space relationships for teaching and learning. The space has been designed to challenge the thinking and practices of all users to explore possibilities for improving the design and pedagogical practice across all educational sectors – focusing on the higher education sector, the space is also used by schools, business etc.

The initiative problematises:

  • group size 
  • Space Furnishings
  • Technology
  • Colour 
  • Character

It is rich in moveable parts and sensory features and encourages collaborative and investigative learning. This initiative is a radical perspective for the higher education sector. It should guide research into the development of cost effective, sustainable and effective learning and teaching environments.

This page last updated: Tuesday 11 September 2012