Edinburgh Adventist Primary School - Hall, Admin Centre & Library

The modernisation of facilities at Edinburgh Adventist Primary includes a new Multipurpose Hall and Admin Centre with Library. The focus of the project was to implement practical learning spaces, take advantage of the established trees and gardens, and to foster a sense of community through an inclusive consultation process.

Project Details

Kneeler Design Architects Pty Ltd

Corner Edinburgh & Allenby Roads, Lilydale VIC 3140

Kneeler Design Architects Pty Ltd


Silvi Glattuer

Project Overview

Edinburgh Adventist Primary School is situated on the gently sloping foot hills of in the Yarra Ranges. As part of the BER program, the New Multipurpose Hall, Admin Centre and Library are at the heart of the revitalisation of school. 

The contemporary learning spaces have exceeded the expectations of students, staff and the community of this modest independent school. 

The School Council initially had minimal prior exposure to current thinking around contemporary learning spaces. After much workshopping with the children and staff during the design process, a general consensus was reached to aspire toward a workable and fun learning environment. 

The innovative learning environment provides a fully integrated range of technologies such as the high tech audio visual equipment. The spaces are generous, filled with daylight and colour. 

Learning spaces spill out into courtyards and borrow views of the trees and rural precincts beyond. This strategy to link the interior to the pleasant surrounds of the school is consistently applied in the project. For instance, the multi-purpose is designed to flow directly onto a sheltered courtyard. The design embraces flexibility by providing physical and visual links to adjacent areas. 

The outdoor learning areas are characterized by a series of low retaining walls and seating steps, creating a social setting outside for children, which successfully negotiates the fall across the site. The scale of the new buildings respectfully observes the existing patterns of the area, and the site plan was devised to enhance and take advantage of existing mature trees and vegetation. A combination of light-weight materials and curved rammed-earth walls purposefully contrast the existing rectilinear brick buildings. The new buildings give the school a new public identity from the road.

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