Eltham College Prep and Multi-Purpose Building

Located at Eltham College’s Research Campus, the new Prep and Multi-Purpose Building provides vibrant, open plan and flexible learning spaces that accommodate a variety of different learning modalities. This iconic facility promotes the identity of the school as an independent, forward thinking institution and sets the tone for future works.

Project Details

Justin Littlefield

1660 Main Road, Research VIC 3095

ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects


Will Belcher

Project Overview

Located at Eltham College’s Research Campus, the design of the new Prep and Multi- Purpose Building focussed on providing open plan learning spaces that support the developing educational vision of the school. The new facility provides a well-equipped, flexible and adaptable learning environment for the present and the future. Centrally positioned between the Early Learning Centre, Discovery Centre and the Primary School Building, the facility has been designed over two storeys to address the steep embankment around the site. The new facility features three cohesive elements: a multi-purpose space at ground level, learning spaces on the upper level, and an access/gallery zone which ties them together. The ground floor Multi-Purpose space draws the Primary School community together providing accessible, flexible facilities for all students and nurturing the collaborative ethos of the school in the students’ junior years. The upper level Prep learning zones accommodate two learning neighbourhoods supported by break out areas, wet areas and outdoor Learning Decks. The two learning studios at either end of the upper level of the building are characterised by large windows that frame and embrace the rural setting of Research to the north-east and city views to the south-west. Outdoor learning decks have been incorporated adjacent to the learning neighbourhoods to allow a seamless blending of indoor/outdoor learning. The centrally located wet area accommodates a full class to increase flexibility and variety incorporated in daily activities, while the breakout spaces, stage and tiered seating, and mezzanine reading loft provide areas for focused learning. Open plan, flexible learning spaces are defined by movable furniture rather than fixed walls, and teacher work spaces have been concealed in fixed cupboards to encourage teachers to be ‘on the floor’ and accessible rather than seated behind a desk. Extensive collaboration with user groups and consultants enabled us to achieve an iconic, dynamic facility that provides inspiring and flexible learning environments, promoting the identity of the school as an independent and forward thinking institution and setting the tone for future works. 

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