St Margaret's Anglican Girl's School - Eunice Science + Resource Centre

The Eunice Science & Resource Centre Building provides a state of the art Science facility and Resource Centre for the students and teachers at St. Margaret’s Anglican Girl’s School. The Building was designed to maximise opportunity provided by spectacular city views to the south, whilst providing an ‘entry statement’ to the main forecourt, cohesive with the existing context. St. Margaret’s Science & Resource Centre aims to provide transparency, legibility and humility as a backdrop to the academic pursuits of everyone at St. Margaret’s Anglican Girl’s School.

Project Details

Brand + Slater Architects

11 Petrie Street, ASCOT QLD 4007

John Slater, Brand + Slater Architects

$ 6,500,000

Mindi Cooke

Project Overview

The key design features incorporated into the ground floor Science area include, six state of the art Science laboratories with wireless and hardwired computer capabilities, interactive whiteboards, and digital projection facilities. Adjacent the labs are two research areas dedicated to senior students and their long-term science projects. Specialised administration and preparation areas for teacher and technicians connect to all laboratories by a corridor spine running down the one side. Special consideration was given to chemical resistant surfaces, emergency gas and electrical shut-off switches, eye wash facilities, chemical store areas, wet areas, fume cupboards, incubator equipment and purpose built exhaust hoods, to ensure all current Australian Standards were met and all essential requirements of the school and students were included. The Student and Research Labs, partnered with the Back of House amenities, combine to provide St. Margaret’s with some of the best Science facilities in Queensland, primary, secondary or tertiary. Design considerations addressed issues of energy efficiency, rain-water collection and low VOC paints and carpets as of vital importance to minimise ongoing maintenance and running cost, but also provide the healthiest possible environment for Students and Teachers. The First Floor Library, in addition to the traditional role of housing books provides a modern facility with work stations, tutorial rooms, class teaching areas, reading areas and audio visual editing booths. The impressive library space has spectacular views south towards the city, a vantage utilised with the inclusion of an uninterrupted curtain glass wall of low emission ‘E’ Glass. A Wireless Computer Facility is provided throughout, as well as Interactive Award Submission Template Template 8 - Eunice Science + Resource Centre - 8:49 AM, 27/3/12 Page 2 of 2 Whiteboards, Projection, Laptop Docking Stations, Electronic Information Screens, Resource Areas and OPAC Cataloguing technology. A refined palette of materials and colour provide a striking facility that will grow and evolve with ever-changing educational requirements. 

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