Warrnambool College - Science and Language Centre

More than a building, the new Warnambool College Science and Language Centre is a symbol of this community's commitment to educational excellence and innovation. The "energy" in NOWarchitecture's design is not only the breathing PV facade, but the way teachers and students have engaged with the flexible learning spaces.

Project Details

NOW Architecture

Winner Category 2 - New Construction/New Individual Facility

Grafton Road, Warrnambool VIC 3280 Australia

Judith North



Project Overview

Warrnambool College’s new Science and Language Centre (SLC) supports a new generation of progressive programs. The modern environmentally sustainable building is a critical outward and visible sign of the excellence being fostered throughout Warrnambool College.

The two-storey SLC is proudly visible from the main road and forms a new entry to the College. It adds value beyond the pedagogical brief with every visitor to the School now entering through this modern, sustainable building which enhances the image of the entire College.

Laboratories on the upper level push conventions by introducing an open space and team teaching approach to Science education. Strategically placed glazing allows supervision between the labs while also defining learning areas. The Prep Room also provides supervision as transparent but secure part of the learning environment. Bespoke rotating stainless steel benches allow the labs to be rapidly reconfigured to support different activities - towards the teacher for instruction, in the round for a demonstration or clustered for group work.

Natural light and ventilation permeate both levels. An integrated passive heating and cooling system driven by a thermal chimney defines the main north facade. In winter the thermal chimney captures heat like a greenhouse allowing users bring this collected warmth into the learning areas. This is supported by an efficient in-slab radiant heating system. In summer, the thermal chimney evacuates the rising heat. This drives the intake of replacement air cooled by the stormwater retention pond (filled from a rock waterfall) on the sheltered south side. Two solar powered fountains provide evaporative coolth through the south windows.

This page last updated: Sunday 2 December 2012