Brisbane Boys College Middle School Precinct

The Middle School Precinct project does more than offer next generation learning space. The project has been designed to also realign the school campus to create distinct communities for Junior, Middle and Senior schools. It has the potential to raise the standard of teaching and develop boys reach their potential.

Project Details

Wilson Architects

Kensington Tce, Toowong Queensland 4066

Hamilton Wilson


Christopher Frederick Jones

Project Overview

This facility exemplifies 21st century classroom design, learning practices and pedagogies, well placing BBC on the Australian and world stage.  The building has been designed around three main principles - community, flexibility and sustainability. This building development finalises the three school campuses (junior, middle and senior) and provides a cohesive link between these through a central college heart.  Importantly, these developments overlay 21st educational practices and tools, flexible design principles and an integrated pastoral care model, resulting in a K-12 educational facility without equal.

The building has been designed to be flexible in all areas, with every space having more than one use.  Minimal fixed joinery and furniture has be used, so teachers and students are not locked into any one way of working.  Technology is also ubiquitous and flexible – gone are the days of a solely didactic classroom where a teacher stands in one place delivering a PowerPoint at students.  Outdoor teaching spaces on each level encourage flexible and relevant delivery for students. The design of the spaces enables flexible pedagogies to be used. Classes are able to rapidly shift learning modes within the standard 25 cohort or expand to 50 or 75 with minimal changeover time.  The technology, furniture and rooms are configured to equally work as didactic, active/collaborative, discursive and reflective learning modalities.  The upper floor of nine rooms can be completely opened up for examinations, open days, whole of year events.   

This page last updated: Tuesday 8 April 2014