Cornerstone College Incorporated ‘Paideia’

Project Details

Peter Moeck Architect and Flightpath Architects

68 Adelaide Road, Mount Barker, South Australia 5251

Peter Moeck Architect

$8.5 million exclusive of GST

Don Brice Photographer

Project Overview

‘Paideia’ at Cornerstone College provides connected and integrated learning environments that are flexible and adaptable at a moment’s notice. The energy and excitement of students within the Middle Years cohort for whom the unique facilities were purpose designed demonstrates that a sense of community, belonging and well being has been established and will flourish.

Middle School students enjoy being physically active. They seek to engage in relevant learning and love to be challenged. Teaching and learning in ‘Paideia’ is a paradigm shift away from the traditional classroom. Learning spaces, learning commons and outdoor environments are seamlessly connected, both physically and visually.

The indoor environments are filled with daylight and natural cross ventilation is readily accessible. The building and facilities design is about and for people. It connects with context, creates place, is environmentally sustainable and delights the human senses.

360 learning has been achieved. The spatial configurations encourage and support teachers visibly learning from each other, student collaborative learning and the ability to access quite nooks for reflective activities. The suite of facilities includes a reading tree, presentation room, amphitheatre, adventure playground and a range of purpose designed loose furniture that is easy to use.

This page last updated: Thursday 3 April 2014