Geelong Lutheran College

Project Details

Brand Architects

2-58 Burvilles Road Mt Duneed, Victoria 3216 Australia

Laurence Robinson


Andrew Wuttke

Project Overview

Geelong Lutheran College Senior Learning Centre is an exciting project that allows progression from primary to secondary schooling in this growing school. The plan of the building has been developed to achieve effective integration of specialist and general learning areas in a seamlessly cohesive learning environment.

The new building design achieves the aim of integrating a range of flexible and generalist spaces in a highly flexible and adaptable arrangement. The central flexible learning space is a dynamic rich space enabling a multitude of learning modalities to be achieved. The lively and engaging architecture provides a highly stimulating environment, which students have taken ownership of. It allows for the flexibility of up to 125 Students to work in a fully opened area and then for those spaces to subsequently to be subdivided with a combination of sliding glazed panels, operable walls and accordion doors. At the same time, small groups and small seminar classes can be run in a variety of settings linking back to the main project space or to the outdoor learning areas. A good level of visual continuity is achieved between the spaces. Circulation around the perimeter of the building enables access to all learning areas without disruption to ad jacent ones, and allows for effective linkages to previous and future stages which are being developed progressively to ensure continued financial viability. The circulation mix of specialist facilities, supported by the flexible learning areas, allow for limitless cross-curriculum learning opportunities.

This building represented a critical turning point in the implementation of the school’s Masterplan as it forms an enclosing element to a previously exposed site. A challenge in this design was tying this building to the central courtyards and providing an effective link to future Masterplan stages. This has been achieved by having all the learning areas on the north open up to the Senior Courtyard space and the circulation space along the south of the building will ultimately form the circulation spine to future buildings. The music drama space has been located at the north-west of the building with a large tilt-up door to enable performance to the adjacent courtyard space.

This building provides a positive statement in the overall architecture of the School, providing a great marketing and flagship centre for the School Community. This building provides a highly contemporary invigorating place.

This page last updated: Thursday 3 April 2014