Lake Windemere New Childrens Centre and Redevelopment

Project Details

Bohdan Dorniack & Co

17 Uraidla Ave Salisbury North, South Australia 5108 Australia

Department for Education and Child Development, SA


Spruik Photography - Ashley Turner

Project Overview

A new Children’s Centre with community areas, natural outdoor play spaces and accommodation for 60 Preschool places. Refurbishment of GLA buildings to provide a 21st Century Learning Environment. Upgrade of Admin facilities, addressing staff safety, improved functionality and creating a street presence for the front of the school.

The project provided upgraded and new facilities at the Direk Primary and Junior Primary School site, forming for a cohort of students and staff from closed schools, Salisbury North West Primary and Direk Primary and Junior Primary Schools.

The closure of the schools and creation of new school with improved facilities was voted for by the parents The planning process involved students, staff and the community. All possibilities were considered making the best use of the available budget and upholding the intent of the Education and Care brief developed with the community.

An area of the school oval was selected for the Children’s Centre Site to accommodate greater flexibility in design. Many of the original trees as possible were maintained to reduce the environmental footprint. The Children’s Centre is a bright environment with low noise levels. Natural light comes from both north facing windows and doors, and high level windows. Floor coverings have simple playful designs in various colours. Supervision is enhanced through large concertina glass doors that open onto the verandah and to the landscaped external play area. The outdoor activity space is over 500 square metres in size, designed to create a variety of learning and play areas. Play spaces include a covered sand pit with decking and stage, water pump, swing, cubby house, chicken shed, frog pond, planted and paved areas. Play surfaces include timber decking, turf, sand, mulch, soft fall and paved areas. Plantings include fruit trees, raised vegetable beds, drought resistant plants including natives, giving a variety of textures, shapes and sizes. The existing GLA buildings were refurbished by painting all internal walls, new ceiling similar to those used in the Children’s Centre, new carpet tiles in a kaleidoscope of colours, new lighting and mechanical services. Flexibility of learning spaces was provided through the use of sliding glass doors and operable walls

Saving energy and providing a healthy environment was an important design consideration in all buildings.

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