St. Francis Xavier College

The new learning environment at the Officer campus is designed to support the learning experience of students through a range of purposeful and inspiring learning settings.

The Design Arts Technology and Science (DATS) building weaves formal practical spaces for visual arts, science and material technology with collaborative and design theory to support integrated research and learning. 

Project Details


Commendation Category 2: New Construction Major Facility

Majestic Drive Officer, Victoria 3809 Australia



Dianna Snape

Project Overview

St Francis Xavier College serves the educational needs of approximately 2400 students, Years 7-12. Our growth in demand for places is coming from the rapidly developing areas of Officer and Pakenham. It is here that we are building a Year 7-9 Campus in order to provide facilities to deliver a robust curriculum.

The establishment of St. Francis Xavier College’s Officer Campus marks a new chapter in the proud 37 year tradition of quality Catholic education for Melbourne’s burgeoning south-east corridor. The new Campus features state of the art facilities which are integrated in strikingly modern buildings.

The (DATS) constitutes a progressive model for Junior secondary school teaching and learning, which is the result of a rigorous collaboration with the School.

The DATS Building is a contemporary model for specialist education which merges spaces for Science, Arts and Material Technology to promote inter-disciplinary, research and project based learning. Formal practical spaces of workshop, laboratory and art studio are visually and physical connected to collaborative spaces for design, theory and write up, presentation and exhibition.

Extensive internal glazing and large opening encourages flow between practical and collaborative spaces.

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