Sacred Heart College Geelong, Resource Centre

Project Details

Henderson + Lodge Architects

Commendation: Category 3 Renovation/Modernisation over $1m

Retreat Road, Newtown 3220 Victoria

Henderson + Lodge Architects


Tim Loft, Photoasia

Project Overview

A comprehensive planning scheme was established to ensure the needs of the Students, Staff and the broader community were met. Collaboration between the Principal, Architect, IT department, Librarians, VET Canteen and Catering Staff and the broader teaching staff was essential to the planning process.

State of the art technology was used within the space allowing for current usage and future proofing. Planning meetings between the IT and Electrical engineers was essential to provide technological flexibility and correct infrastructure within the facility. Housing Technology within the Resource space allows for modern learning over all disciplines.

Varying use of space was intensively discussed between the Architect and Principal and teachers. Creating large flexible, smaller intimate, withdrawal and user specific needs spaces has resulted in a facility that caters to the entire student and staff body. Use of the Resource Centre has increased from 25 students/ teachers to 300 student / teachers at any given time.

A 4 Green Star Energy rating has been achieved by the use of appropriate glazing and spandrel panelling, water tanks and careful mechanical and ventilation design. This has been achieved while still creating a space flooded with natural light and a visual connection to the surrounding College Campus.

Finishes and furniture have been carefully considered to allow flexibility and encourage creativity and student ownership of the environment. Allowing food and drink to be incorporated into the area brings it into the modern day cafe lifestyle while encouraging
students to take ownership of their environment.

VET students complete a portion of their training serving at their own coffee bar directly into the resource centre. By creating energy efficient, flexible learning zones, allowing access to all College members to technology at their finger tips and constant Teacher and Staff support we have created a nurturing and supportive environment which students and staff alike do not seem to want to leave!

Considering the surrounding school facilities at the time of the Resource and Student Centre planning has enabled us to complete individual projects consecutively. A refurbishment of the central courtyard linking to the facility was achieved along with opening up the Dance Studio on the opposite side of the courtyard. The Resource Centre now has a direct view with tiered seating leading down to a central courtyard which then opens up onto a performance deck and operable wall to the Dance Studio beyond.

We believe a cohesive environmentally conscious design has been created for the use of the entire Staff and Student

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