Pegasus Bay School

Project Details


Pegasus Bay Scool 5 Solander Road, Pegasus Christchurch , North Canterbury 7612 New Zealand

Ministry Of Education, New Zealand

NZ$ 14,789,500.00

Kristy Ballard and Ministry of Education

Project Overview

Pegasus Bay School is the first school in New Zealand to generate its own power, with the target of supplying just as much power as is used (Net Zero Energy) The school was built new to cope with population shift following the Christchurch earthquakes.

After the 2011 earthquakes, there was dramatic demographic change around the Canterbury region as people moved out of devastated areas. At Waikuku School in North Canterbury, the roll increased so quickly, a new school was needed. The old school was closed, and Pegasus Bay School opened in nearby Pegasus in May 2014.

The school worked closely with the Ministry of Education, which invests in modern learning environments in all new schools in New Zealand. All decisions around furniture, information technology integration and collaborative teaching practices are intended to improve the learning outcomes.

The building 's design is based on six learning communities, which each have two main learning areas with shared resource and specialised break-out spaces in between them. They incorporate quiet areas for individual learning and open areas for collaborative learning. Large glass sliding doors allow flexibility.

Pegasus Bay School is the first 'zero net energy school ' in New Zealand, which means it generates its own power. The building is fitted with 560m2 of solar panels which provide the school 's power, and any extra power goes into the national grid.

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