Brighton Secondary College, da Vinci Centre

Project Details


120 Marriage Road Brighton East , VIC 3187 Australia

David Tweedie


Dianna Snape

Project Overview

A new two-level building integrates with older adjacent infrastructure to create one contemporary facility.

The upper level is dedicated to learning and study areas for senior students, while four ground-level science labs connect to external learning spaces and the school 's refurbished technology and design centre, creating a multidisciplinary centre of excellence and resources.

This new science, arts, technology and general learning facility heralds the first stage in the redevelopment of an entire school campus for 21st century teaching and learning.

Supporting the school 's pedagogical development, the educational rationale calls for a wholesale change to the nature of its existing spaces. The new da Vinci building connects existing outcrop buildings to create a holistic facility for cross over between hard wired spaces of science, art / fabrics and technology with humanities streams. Formal practical spaces visually and physical connect to collaborative spaces. General learning zones at upper level for personal and group study – both as a breakout from classes and after hours use by the entire school – extend to external spaces for study and social activities.

Dramatic changes have been introduced with this new facility. Learning now takes place throughout the school rather than solely in classroom lessons. Flexible settings promote a range of teaching and learning activities, from independent study, small and large group work through to lecture and seminar based learning – creating a stepping stone to tertiary-type educational delivery. The design of the various spaces is helping to encourage positive, independent study habits, and small tutorial spaces are occupied throughout the day during private study and recreation times.

The rich variety of settings also encourages students to remain on campus before and after school hours – a 'home away from home '. The learning experience is enhanced with wireless ICT enriched spaces and seamless integration of AV/ multimedia/ internet access throughout. Staff areas are dispersed in key nodes, allowing staff to fully engage in the environment and be accessible, supporting interdisciplinary exchange and professional development.

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2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility