Brighton Secondary School Expansion

Project Details

Thomson Rossi

305 Brighton Rd North Brighton , South Australia 5048 Australia

Department for Education and Child Development


Ashley Turner - Spruik Photography & Rossco

Project Overview

The Brighton Secondary School redevelopment delivered a new 21st Century Learning Centre, a Concert Recital Hall and refurbishment of Science/IT/Art laboratories over four years of consultancy work, significantly transforming the learning environment of the entire 1600 student capacity campus, fostering new student skills and physically supporting challenge-based learning.

The Bright Centre creates a new two level interactive building environment, consisting of a new 'wireless ' library, one-stop-shop Student Services, canteen/caf é, specialist and general learning areas, with new Staff facilities to support professional development. The Concert Hall is an adjunct to the existing Performing Arts Centre and extends Brighton Secondary School 's excellent reputation for music. Functionally, support amenities are strategically located to avoid duplication and achieve 450 seats.

The Concert Hall enjoys a high profile location and is positioned to strengthen a visual axis into the school. The volume demanded by the acoustic program created a tall building which was externally articulated by cladding 'draped ' over the precast shell. The Bright Centre gains its landmark stature through its activation with the school 's courtyard, effectively doubling the impact of this new learning environment as it transitions from internal to external space. The Bright Centre provides a stunning level of social and learning interaction within the school 's heart. The Concert Hall envelopes existing backstage facilities to avoid duplication and allow increased seating capacity, whilst non-built delivery options recycled 1,600 m2 of refurbished floor area.

The architecture of the Bright Centre with see-through glass walls close to the staff relaxation area supports the development of a community of stakeholders with shared responsibility to create optimal conditions for sustained, relevant and rigorous learning. The unified learning spaces in the classrooms and the learning common areas enrich the learning experience for students to demonstrate initiative, leadership, creativity and interest in learning. The physical environment encourages interdisciplinary approaches to learning. The Science and Art laboratories reveal dynamic experiments for those within and without the classroom to experience.

The Bright Centre, Science Laboratories and the Concert Hall all reflect an innovative and responsive educational environment. The student 's experience a sense of belonging and inclusivity with the classrooms, the Library, the Canteen and Student Services spaces to physically connect with one another. The students ' social entrepreneurship can be fostered in the vibrant outdoor learning space adjacent to the Canteen and Library entrance. It provides a community meeting place that extends into the dynamic Learning Laneways established each side of the Bright Centre.

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2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility