Comet Bay College Year 7 Facility

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Johnsen Lim

2 Allatoona Avenue Secret Harbour , WA 6173 Australia

Johnsen Lim

$5.5 Million

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Project Overview

The new Year 7 Facility at Comet Bay College creates a sense of place for the users with a distinct point of difference to reflect the age of the users. The design takes into consideration the transition period for Year 7 community to high school.

The aim for this project is to create environmentally friendly, pragmatic and visually attractive spaces. As well as being a first-class 'centre of learning ', the aim is to integrate new built form with the existing built form.

The design philosophy focuses on creating spaces that allow interaction, communication and cross-fertilisation between students and teachers.

At the macro-level, school environments should create a sense of place, security and belonging whilst positively enhancing and enriching the profile of the school.

At the micro-level, we believe contemporary teaching spaces should be providing opportunities for a teaching and learning environment as teaching and learning practices evolve in the future.
The consolation prior to this last stage of the project starting ensured that our vision and needs for the project where considered at all levels from Cleaners, Teachers Head of Learning Area and members of the College Executive Team.

As a College we were very keen to ensure that the build provided integrated modern learning spaces that would allow teachers to breakout and work collaboratively with other teachers and students but still maintain the integrity of a stand-alone classroom if needed. The design that Taylor Robinson developed has enabled this vision to become a reality and we are really pleased with the use of space and provision of breakout areas.

The integration of the new building with the existing buildings and surrounding grounds has also been seamless and I have been very impressed with the visual impact that the design has had on the overall look of the College Campus.

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2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility