Deakin Trade Training Centre

Project Details

Matt Dwyer

Mildura Senior College Cnr 14th Street and Deakin Avenue Mildura , Vic 3502 Australia

Felicity Brown


Zachary Couyant

Project Overview

Deakin Trade Training Centre provides centralised facilities for VET students from 12 schools within the Mildura Region. By combining their funding Deakin provides state of the art facilities for its community dedicated to engaging Mildura 's next generation of citizens.

Glimpses of a brightly coloured form caught between trees give the first indications that something special sits within Mildura Senior Secondary College. The approach obscures views of the facility until arrival at the main entrance where visitors are greeted with the big bold shapes and playful palette of the Deakin Trade Training Centre. While centre is visually appealing it has a functional design that provides state-of-the-art facilities Deakin aims to improve student retention as an engaging environment of learning.

The light filled volume of Deakin Central Gallery draws daylight into the heart of the centre and is designed to enticing students to linger within its timber structure. The gallery gives views and access into all training areas, putting the function of the facility on show.

The collaborative nature of the facility stems from its roots when 12 schools from the Mildura region came together to create this central facility aimed at improving student outcomes. The program is designed to strengthen student pathways, with strong links to further education and employment in areas of local demand, enhancing the retention of skilled individuals for the local community.

Through regular consolation Deakin 's layouts were continually throughout the planning and design analysing the efficient flow of material between equipment. Opportunities for cross-pollination between trades are exploited through the location of equipment and enhanced by the inter-connectiveness of training areas. Where necessary areas are isolated due to noise/dust requirements, but remain visually connected. All spaces are connected and visible from the central gallery, stimulating student awareness.

A graphical narrative runs throughout Deakin from whimsical arrows drawing occupants in, to initiative safety marking in the workshops defining hazards and areas of restricted access. The playful palette complements practical material selection including inverted block veneer walls provide sturdy interior walls and lightweight skin protecting the interior from Mildura 's climate.

Deakin is a celebration of student endeavour, providing a place of pride for its occupants. It is designed to challenge and inspire students to explore interest, with innovative spaces to gain skills. The facility provides its community with a centre dedicated in engaging Mildura 's next generation of citizens.

This page last updated: Tuesday 26 May 2015

2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility