Holy Cross College - Stage 3

Project Details

Peter C Lippman

18 Strathmore Parkway Ellenbrook , WA 6069 Australia

Rachel Palmer


Robert Firth, Acorn Photo

Project Overview

The design of a new Early Learning Centre with six classroom and multi-purpose area and Secondary House with 8 classrooms and Design and Technology workshops, and refurbishments to the science laboratory, art and music classrooms, maintenance shed, additional parking for Holy Cross College 's growing learning community.

The planning and design of the Early Learning Centre and Secondary House for Holy Cross College in Ellenbrook, involved a participatory process with staff and students as well as relevant educational specialsts and, most importantly, were grounded in an Evidence Based Design Approach. Concepts were not founded on normative theories and best practices, but rather on educational, developmental and environmental psychological theory and research on school design. Building on the concepts in Evidence Based Design for Elementary and Secondary Schools (Lippman, 2010) and PEHKA 's research on school design (2012), the foundations were established for understanding the situated nature of learning and how spaces might be designed to support the various ways that people acquire knowledge. Furthermore, these foundations allowed for a dialogue that focused on how the spaces need to be designed to support the variety of activities that will occur in the General Learning Areas (GLAs) and the breakout spaces.

DaVinci spaces in both buildings provide break-out spaces. A challenge was designing these spaces so that they were not the large open spaces of the original buildings. Bi-fold glass doors allow for large gathering spaces while retaining alcoves and clearly defined space for small groups and individuals. The circular gathering space on the upper floor of the Secondary House, with its curved walls and multi-height seating, is an excellent open but 'private ' space for small group teaching and collaboration.

Green Screens in DaVinci Spaces cater for specialised Media activities and for learners of all ages, in this digital school, to engage in movie-making. Through extensive discussion the ICT infrastructure was designed to be scalable and future focused.

All areas of the build are characterised by bright light, connectivity and visibility between spaces.

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2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility