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Daniel Haskell

Castle Street Mirboo North , Victoria 3871 Australia

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Project Overview

Our objective was to develop a modern multi-disciplinary learning centre that supports;
•a strong sense of school community
•development of student 's life skills
•learning and development across the full curriculum
•the development of personal aspiration
•the development of social capital in the local community
•a sense of belonging, identity and engagement amongst students

The Multi-Disciplinary Learning Centre is a modern, integrated facility that provides the students with access to a comprehensive curriculum that includes;

•LOTE and Humanities
•Food technology
•Information technology
•Art (2D and 3D)
•Music (learning and recording)
•Technology (metal and wood)
•Learning commons
•Outdoor learning

The existing ad-hoc development of the campus over a number of years had left the school without a focal point, making it difficult to navigate. This project provided an opportunity to re-order the site and create a campus "heart " linking the existing buildings with the new facility. Known as the 'Agora ' the external square is the main orientation point for the campus and a gathering space for students.

A key decision for the project was to co-locate all of the specialised learning environments within one building in order to;

•Encourage shared learning experiences across different environments
•Provide a significant shared space centrally located between the more specific settings
•Maximise the available land and minimise building envelope costs
•Maximise the scale of the building to give prominence within the community and support the development of the school spirit

A variety of spaces and volumes are provided which support various learning settings, including direct instruction of large groups, small project group work through to small areas for one or two students to quietly study. Emphasis is on flexibility of these spaces which can be adapted in size easily with the use of operable walls, sliding doors and overhead sectional doors.

The interior environment supports the health, wellbeing and inspiration of students and teachers alike, with abundant natural light throughout, well ventilated spaces, a substantial gallery style wall, and expansive views of the Strzelecki Ranges.

The desire to provide strong and direct connections to outdoor learning areas presented a challenge, given the steeply sloping site and the ever present Gippsland rain. Large fire station doors lead out to generous terraces from all classrooms and are protected from the rain with an extended roof that cantilevers over.

The success of the Multi-disciplinary Learning Centre has come from a strong collaboration between the consultant team and the school community.

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2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility