Naunton Family Building

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Terry Mitton / Johanne O 'Callaghan

Cnr Wattle & Creek Street Bendigo , Victoria 3550 Australia

Terry Mitton


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Project Overview

Forming one element in the long term vision outlined in an "Opportunities Paper " and accompanying masterplan developed by e+ in 1998 which allows a fluid response to the growing needs of the School, the Naunton Family Building provides 4310m2 of Science and Language teaching and ancillary spaces over 3 storeys.

e+ Architecture have been involved in re-imagining and re-building Girton Grammar School since it 's re-founding in 1992 by a group of parents, staff and community members following a brief closure. In 1998 an "Opportunities Paper " outlining a course of action, including a land acquisition strategy and 'fluid ' masterplan - responding to the growing needs of the School, was developed. This building occupies what was 4 residential sites, approx. 1733m2 on which 4310m2 of teaching spaces and associated facilities is constructed over 4 storeys.

The design is based on a series of irregular boxes which are dictated by their function and linked by a central circulation space. The arrangement of the boxes and the articulation of the circulation space is playful and the angles and use of glass and colour ensures natural light is maximized, creating interesting spaces on a very restricted site.

The interior approach to the Naunton Family Building achieves a welcoming and inspirational space with the introduction of natural light and volume. The aesthetic is one that engages, educates and allows students and staff to communicate on a number of levels. On the inside, the language is minimal with bright splashes of colour introduced with graphic design, furniture and fabric walls. Visual links are key, connecting internal views of surrounding neighbourhood, the Cathedral and Bendigo skyline.

For the school, the outcome is a building which combines open spaces for easy gathering and community interaction along with quiet nooks and, more intimate gathering spaces which promote close working relationships.

The creative and expansive use of glass allows us to see the school community we belong to and observe the changes in the Bendigo community to which we also all belong.

Teaching staff find classrooms are flexible with "internal walls which are quite easily dismantled to create open, welcoming and positively demanding work spaces. Students accept that the shape of their classes may change, just as the shape of their learning space. This allows for diverse teaching practices and learning experiences for the students. Perhaps it is this that encourages students to settle to work and accept the learning challenges that their teachers provide for them. "

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2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility