Ringwood North Primary School

Project Details

Kneeler Design PL

172 Oban Road Ringwood North , Victoria 3134 Australia

Kneeler Design PL

$ 2,418,800

Silvi Glattauer

Project Overview

The new Arts and Learning Information Centre provides the school community with a central contemporary space dedicated to the Arts. The new facility enables the school to deliver the Performing and Creative Arts program in a contemporary learning environment. The tiered learning studio and the music studio can convert to a full performance space which welcomes/invites both the school and the broader community to enjoy, engage and learn.

The sloping site presented challenges to the design. We saw the architectural opportunity to utilise the sloping site to maximise access, link level changes and create a series of terraced courtyards and viewing steps for outdoor open theatre. Adding variety and vibrancy to the external landscape was an important part of the design process.
As a result, both building levels have access to a dedicated outdoor learning space. The Art courtyard at the lower level provides a dedicated sheltered learning courtyard and the drama courtyard linked directly to the tiered learning studio provides the space for open air performances. The Indonesian courtyard provides a vibrant interactive and passive learning environment.

The heart of the project was to provide a flexible tiered learning space with a music active studio. A large operable wall between studios allows for flexibility to accommodate smaller student groups or full performances. The large glazed door opens to the drama court for outdoor performance. The performance space has high ceilings, lighting bar and audiovisual equipment for stage set up. The main foyer access provides further flexible learning space and an exhibition gallery.

The design encompasses flexible and interactive learning spaces, creating a flowing connection between studios. The physical environment is designed to encourage collaboration. The design embraces outdoor learning though connected outdoor learning spaces.
The building utilises passive ESD principles. It features natural ventilation through the incorporation of louvres and night purging, natural light through the provision of extensive windows and the use of skylights. Material selection is carefully considered with concern for the life cycle of materials. Colour treatment further defines the building and the spaces. The arrangement and colour selection of the external panels creates an energetic and fun aesthetic to the building.

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2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility