The Sheldon College LINQ Building

Project Details

Burling Brown & Partners

43 - 47 Taylor Road, Sheldon, QLD 4157 Redlands City , Queensland 4157 Australia

Brian Kidd

$ 8,918,122.00

Scott Burrows

Project Overview

The Sheldon College LINQ Building (Learning Innovations for a New Queensland), is
designed as a multifaceted educational hub. With its modern array of academic/
professional facilities, the LINQ Building is at the forefront of innovative scholarly

The Sheldon LINQ building is in response to the College 's Masterplan and innovative curriculum. The Sheldon College Masterplan can be simplified into three distinct zones. These zones include; The Junior Campus, Senior Campus and the newly emerging Innovations Campus, located in the northern vacant zones of the site.The original design brief was to create a building that is bold and striking to the eye, a statement that invited you into an innovative learning experience. The LINQ Building successfully adheres to the brief by aesthetically appearing as one building while actually being split into four main purpose based teaching hubs. These hubs contain a wide range of interdisciplinary areas including; technology workshops, robotics lab, computer annex, internal/ external lecture theatre, multi-use learning spaces, boardrooms, staff areas/ offices, interactive pods, high profile editing suites, break out spaces and much more. Over seventy individual detailed light transmitting fins were documented as the main architectural feature. The fins dance elegantly around the fa çade, creating a startling display of colour and natural lighting. This elegance through design is a notion that resonates across the entire LINQ project.The spectacular display of architecture crossed with the functionality of a multi-platform stimulating space is what makes the LINQ Building a successful and striking signature project at Sheldon College.

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2015 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility