Project Barcelona Music Studio

Project Details

WMK Architecture

1 Echunga Road Terrey Hills Sydney , NSW 2084 Australia

Anne Knock


Michael Harris (NBCS photographer)

Project Overview

The Music Studio at NBCS is an innovative, multi-modal learning, rehearsal and performance music studio environment located on the school campus at Terrey Hills. The project comprises large flexible spaces, a performance area, three individual jam rooms and two quiet rooms.

The Music Studio at NBCS embraces a new learning paradigm for music study which enables differentiated and collaborative approaches, where technology is mobile and adaptive.

Key objectives were to provide a space that pushed musical creativity, combined both collaborative and individual spaces that could be used in numerous ways, and a space which visually connects staff and students within and outside of the studio. It is a 'hang out ' space as well as a professional area where students could compose music and perform. The standard of music produced by NBCS is of a high and professional standard, so it only made sense to design a space that reflected this.

All of this has been achieved, and more. Rhythm & Blues is an open, collaborative
space where multiple groups work in harmony. The space supports a project-based
approach, where learning is authentic and visible. Students are deeply engaged in
every aspect of the space. By making the furniture flexible, collaborative and upgrading rooms for different activities, NBCS students and teachers could learn and teach different activities with multiple people in the room. Having open windows and doors students could walk past and visually connect to the instruments and activities happening inside the Music Studio.

By building and designing upon the pre-existing facility, construction and demolition of built element was minimized. WMK took a sustainable approach throughout drawing on our database of sustainable materials, finishes and FF &E in the selection and specification of elements in the project. Natural light and ventilation was maximized, reducing reliance on mechanical and electrical services.

NBCS Music Studio was completed in February 2014 and has proven an immediate success, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers and students alike. Furthermore, the project connects with the soon to be completed Project Barcelona, the schools major new central hub and learning environment, further enhancing the benefits the new music studio space within the overall school campus environment.

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