Victoria Avenue Community Precinct Canada Bay PS

Project Details

NSW Government Architects Office

64-66 Victoria Avenue Concord West , New South Wales 2138 Australia

NSW Government Architects Office

$37m incl offsite infrastructure works and $13m site remediation

Ethan Rohloff

Project Overview

This partnership between public agencies has produced a community based school and facilities addressing contemporary learning pedagogy and providing broader opportunities for community interaction.
This demonstrates the benefits that can be achieved for a whole community when innovation and collaboration are a key component of the design process.

This unique project represents a pilot for partnerships between the NSW Education Department, Councils and The Community to develop community based schools.

Significantly, the project is one of the first NSW public schools that integrates community facilities and breaks from the constraints of the Schools Facilities Standards.This project has set a benchmark that encourages greater innovation in future public school design.

In addition to the Primary School the project incorporates a 47-place Day Care Centre (operated by Council), an Early Childhood Health Centre (operated by NSW Health), Shared Community Sports Facilities and an enlarged hall that can accommodate out of school hours community use.

The Hall, adjoining the Community Sports Field, and the Primary School multipurpose court, will be available for community use outside of school hours including Out Of School Hours care. The existing Council playing field amenities building has been rebuilt and a new purpose-designed offsite lapidary club replaced the club premises which had been operating from the site.

The procurement process included regular stakeholder project control meetings, public meetings and Early Tenderer Involvement to assist the design team to deliver a purpose fit facility that meets budget requirements.

The project complexity included not only multiple stakeholder needs but also unfavourable environmental factors, and a contracted construction program.

Some of the key project challenges related to site contamination, noise from Homebush Bay Drive, local flooding, heritage listed vegetation, a large dominating billboard which had to be retained, a major gas main which influenced building setbacks and the visual and acoustic privacy of residential neighbours. Mitigating site contamination impacted greatly on the available building budget.

This school is a threshold to a new crop of NSW public schools that have been purpose designed to address 21st Century pedagogy.

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