Butler College

Project Details

Taylor Robinson

15 McCormack Boulevard, BUTLER WA 6007

Johnsen Lim


Project Overview

Opened in 2013, Butler College is a ‘state-of–the-art’ facility forecast to have a student population of 1,800 by 2017.  The new ‘fully inclusive’ secondary College also includes a 70 student Special Needs Centre with hydrotherapy pool.  The College has been founded on the core values of ‘Knowledge, Integrity and Respect’.

Stage 1 of Butler College opened in time for the start of the 2013 school year with the initial cohort of Year 8 students and with a capacity to grow to approximately 1,800 students by 2017. The College has been designed as a fully inclusive school and includes a ‘special needs’ Centre for 70 students. The College fosters a culture of inclusive learning, maintaining healthy interaction and communication between students and staff. The College design has responded to a strong community expectation to establish an environmentally responsive and attractive campus. Butler College is designed to create a distinctive presence in the community with a vibrant sense of identity appropriate for young adults.

The recently concluded Stage 2 building program has provided the structure and facilities commensurate with a higher learning academy. The Stage 2 works completed the College’s building program and resulted in a College with the latest in teaching and learning technologies, and the flexibility to introduce new ideas and initiatives as the College grows. The completed project has achieved its targets and meets all of the College’s expectations.

This page last updated: Tuesday 24 May 2016