Oasis Primary School

Project Details


71 Edgefield Plains Singapore 828716

SGD$ 40,500,000.00

Project Overview

Oasis Primary School is located in a young housing estate of Punggol, Singapore. This new school adds value to the high-rise, high-density residential estate with a school field and indoor sports hall that can be shared with the public after school hours, and includes pre-school facilities.

The challenge faced by the new generation of primary school is accepting new policies of integrating pre-school facility and enhanced facilities in a tighter constraint of land area, and to complete the construction within a shorter period. The design has strived to go beyond the norms;
By creating a “Super Hall” - juxtaposing the multi-purpose hall and the indoor sports hall. Both halls are separated by operable walls to ensure security after school hours and to offer a flexibility of a bigger hall for mass events.

By going high-rise, there are more open spaces to allow natural daylight, ventilation and visual connections. It also enhances supervision by the school staff.

By simple zoning of different teaching facilities, users are able to navigate with ease. It also help in time-saving moving around the school. The separated blocks are connected by walkways where students would move, encounter and connect to the surrounding, thus creating informal learning spaces.

By adopting high buildability methods and maintaining constant engagement with the stakeholders, the consultants and the main contractor.
Being adjacent to a landscaped park and a waterway, a zig-zag ramp is incorporated to add physical connection from the school. The ramp is also landscaped in response to the site terrain and the waterway.

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