Wyndham Vale Primary School

Project Details

Haskell Architects

85 Ribblesdale Avenue Wyndham Vale, Victoria 3024 Australia

Daniel Haskell

$11 Million

Project Overview

Wyndham Vale Primary School is located on Melbourne’s western fringes within a new estate development in Wyndham Vale. The challenge was to produce a new facility that provided a civic presence in a residentially dominated area, whilst generating a campus design that supported the school’s desire to deliver 21st Century teaching and learning across a broad curriculum.

It was important that the new school conveyed the civic value of education boldly through its architectural expression. The site is surrounded by residential development. This created an opportunity to define this specific area through the design of proud civic buildings, of appropriate size and strength with strong forms.

Recognition of place and memory of an environment are important, particularly in young children beginning their education. The design presents characteristics that are easily identifiable, exposing new students to a variety of stimulating, yet memorable, environments.

The educational purpose of the new school was expected to focus on:

The design response addressed these objectives by;

The central courtyard is the ‘heart’ of the school, providing an important anchor point for the campus. The space is large enough for school assemblies and provides a range of multifunctional landscape elements which support activities such as performance, play or relaxing. Given the essentially flat nature of the site, it was important to provide some modulation and height articulation to the landscape.


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