Adelaide High School Expansion and Redevelopment

Project Details

JPE Design Studio Pty Ltd

Adelaide High School West Terrace Adelaide SA 5000

Department for Education and Child Development


Project Overview

New facilities for an additional 250 students to increase Adelaide High School’s capacity to 1,450 students. The new facilities include a three-storey learning centre building with secure under-croft parking, library resource centre, 3 science laboratories, drama space, 12 classrooms and outdoor social and learning areas including a rooftop plaza.

The project included an extension and refurbishment of existing buildings and classrooms

The expansion of Adelaide High School has provided the school with significant improvement in facilities and learning space. As a result the school has been able to embrace 21st century learning in an adult / university style environment.

Community engagement occurred through various formal application processes and informal meetings, presentations and discussions with a variety of authorizations. The official approvals and responses were highly supportive and complimentary for the design outcome achieved.

Design workshop analysis of the educational, pedagogical and functional brief objectives identified three types of learning spaces which formed the basis for the learning environment design approach. The three types of spaces being creative, interactive and reflective that was developed to reinforce the school vision of wellbeing, learning and culture.

Key design aspects that define the physical environment included transparency with visual connections between indoor and outdoor spaces, with flexibility for future adaptability and multi-use areas. Cultural and heritage connections were incorporated with design language, material selections and use of site artefacts uncovered during the project.

The learning environment has created and enhanced the ownership, interactivity, connectivity and cultural exchange outcomes at the school.

The new building has provided the school with a hub for learning and learning support. The Resource Centre, IT helpdesk and flexible learning spaces have seen the students and staff transition into a 21st century learning environment. The school’s aim was to develop areas which mirror adult learning concepts that allow the students and staff to work in flexible, light filled spaces and this has been realized.

A key factor in the success of the new learning spaces was the consultation process that the design team and the school’s leadership team supported which involved key stake holders, being the staff and students who were going to use the spaces. They have a real sense of ownership.

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2016 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility