Benowa SHS - Year 7 Infrastructure & Entry Structure

Project Details

Giarola Architects

Mediterranean Drive Benowa Queensland 4217

Ray Giarola


Project Overview

The Project delivers an educationally functional, fit for purpose, healthy and flexible facility that can inspire student learning and support the delivery of modern curriculum initiatives as the school begins to transition into a collaborative learning based model. The materials and finishes featured are durable and low maintenance, perfect for the school environment.  

The design of the space and layouts within the new Year 7 building are centered around the delivery of modern pedagogies and the health and wellbeing of the students and teachers whom occupy it. Here, it was important to provide an environment that supports the "evolution" from the previous "traditional" school model (which emphasized the lecture to student-centered method) towards a model based on collaborative knowledge, discovery and creation. From the perspective of the flexible classrooms, this evolution is largely enabled through a room layout which incorporates both the traditional teaching wall, as well as interconnecting operable walls and furniture. This supports the notion of adaptability as the school and teachers progress toward a more collaborative model. In a nut shell these spaces have been designed to be future proof and ultimately very adaptable.

The outdoor learning area's follow on from these idea's whilst providing a strong visual connection to the surrounding environment of the Gold Coast. Incredible, unobstructed views over the entire Gold coast region are provided to the students, in all classrooms. Furthermore the desire to retain the connection and access to the existing green belts across the site was a key feature in all discussions around the design process to aid in the health, wellbeing and cognitive functioning of the buildings inhabitants.

The building fabric, thermal insulation, sun shading and natural ventilation measures have been designed to enhance these features by maximizing the passive thermal performance of the building while meeting all DET standards and guidelines. Overall this combines into a friendly natured and inviting design, giving the school a safe, welcoming and modern presence within the public domain.

With this focus, these spaces enable alternative and modern pedagogies that support the idea of collaborative learning. Parents who enroll at their children at Benowa State school can be assured that they are becoming a part of a school community that allows for a more inquiry and investigative driven work style to be performed in a fun, vibrant and healthy environment for learning.

This page last updated: Tuesday 24 May 2016

2016 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility