Emanuel School

The Emanuel School is located in Randwick, a seaside suburb of Sydney. As a co-educational school established in 1984, it caters for students from pre-school age right up to year 12.

The most recently completed BKA architecture building at the school campus is the ‘LINC Building’ (Lead, Inspire, Nurture and Create), a multi-level facility housing for the creative faculty.

A number of challenging constraints were informative in the design of this new facility.

Heritage context

The campus is heritage listed requiring the new building to be carefully integrated in its heritage context.

Site context

The site is on a small footprint and very much limited by the school’s boundaries. The space needed to be utilized efficiently and effectively as possible.

Flexible external space

The school campus is dense with building and the need for additional external play/ teaching space was desirable.

The brief was responded and fulfilled by designing and delivering a large multi-purpose and flexible learning space, 4 Art and Digital Media rooms, a 200 seat Theatre, a wellness centre/gym, more playground space, 8 new flexible classrooms, staff offices and smaller breakout rooms. The end result links the upper and lower campuses and meets the needs of the school.

Project Details

Baker Kavanagh Architects

20 Stanley Street, Randwick, N.S.W 2031

John Kavanagh

$10,474 878

Project Overview

LINC Building (Lead, Inspire, Nurture and Create) of Emanuel School is a contemporary multi-level facility housing a four-room art precinct, eight flexible classrooms, associated breakout spaces, staff offices, yoga/ gym space, a multi purpose learning area and a performance space.

Subterranean sections incorporate strong environmental design principles, such as solar access and natural ventilation, for higher occupant comfort.

This page last updated: Tuesday 24 May 2016

2016 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility