Faith Lutheran College Information Hub

Project Details

Fulton Trotter Architects

5 Faith Avenue Plainland 4341 Queensland

Mark Trotter

$1,535,000 (excluding consultant fees)

Project Overview

The Faith Lutheran College ‘Information Hub’ creates the cultural node within the college. Through flexible internal and external covered areas, the spaces promote opportunities for teaching, learning and socialising. The precinct acts as a central location for gaining and distributing knowledge, giving a civic nature to the rural school ‘township.’

Nestled into the gently sloping landscape, with views casting across grassy fields to pockets of natural bushland, the Library building completes the ‘Information Hub’ precinct of the campus master plan. Sited adjacent the recently constructed Language Centre, the connection between the two buildings emerged as a central design idea, with external communal areas creating an expanse of high-volumed shaded spaces. The play between solid and void creates a variety of spaces, encouraging chance interactions between students, teachers and visitors and enhancing the vibrant nature of school life.

Making the most out of the modest budget, the design aims to keep the internal footprint efficient and flexible, with minimal fixed furniture allows for the spaces to be appropriated as users see fit. As teaching methods and library systems are continually developing over time, this flexibility ensures a long useful life for the building. The use of inexpensive external materials such as corrugated steel, brick and small amounts of painted CFC maximised building area for minimal cost.

In a social sense, the various spaces in and around the building provide valuable gathering areas within the school community. Used during functions, celebrations and school lunch times, the spaces allow for the members of the community to continue to develop relationships and enjoy gathering in spaces directly connected with the local landscape.

The Information Hub building design has allowed the College to not only facilitate local educational needs but also those mandated by the Australian Curriculum. This is achieved through our spaces operating in a trans-disciplinary manner, where not only the necessary content from each subject is taught, but also key skills and abilities which exist and can be mapped across these core subjects. This provides tremendous flexibility with our timetable and curriculum offerings,

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2016 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility