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Cameron Chisholm Nichol

175 Fitzgerald Street, Geraldton, WA 6530

Kelly Rattigan


Project Overview

The Durack Institute of Technology’s new Health Industries Training Facility (H & B Blocks) and Aboriginal Learning Centre (J Block) in Geraldton, Western Australia, provide state-of-the-art teaching facilities for local and regional students to develop the much-needed skills to take up roles in health- and community- related services.

The Durack Institute of Technology’s new Health Industries Training Facility successfully consolidates multiple industry training areas into two connected buildings, where training was previously delivered at several smaller locations spread across the campus.

Alongside this, a new Aboriginal Learning Centre caters for the social, cultural and educational activities of Aboriginal people. Durack Institute recognised that more support was required for Aboriginal students to improve training completion rates and outcomes and for culture sharing. The new facility allows for a holistic, focused approach that links specific training and foundation skills with future employment requirements.

All facilities provide robust, spacious rooms where ‘real life’ situations can be simulated, directly observed and then practiced to consolidate learning. This includes training in nursing, aged care, child protection, youth work, early childhood development, community services, and health and beauty. The ‘real-life’ style of learning allows students to develop the confidence and skills required to enter directly into a professional services environment, as well as having positive implications for occupational health and safety. Feedback confirms that students feel empowered and important.

Extensive consultation with external and internal stakeholders and user groups has informed the design of spaces that are appropriate, welcoming, and respectful of Aboriginal ways of learning. Different pathways are supported by a range of learning areas including outdoor courtyards, a large deck and a terraced amphitheater.

“There are now many spaces in which informal interactions are occurring. Students and lecturers are frequenting the outside environment where tables, chairs and shade cover make for a wonderful environment to have discussions. The spaces are welcoming and have a great feel about them. The Breakfast Program and student kitchen have created the opportunity for lecturers, teachers and students to interact in a space that feels good and is safe. The foyers are also spacious enough to enable catch ups, and people feel so much less restricted. Everyone feels so much better coming in to the facility and being a part of a very real and dynamic environment.

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2016 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility