St Luke's Anglican School Middle School Building

Project Details

McLellan Bush Architects

4 Mezger St, Kalkie QLD 4670

Natalie Bush


Project Overview

The new Middle School Building is space for people; a space where people want to be; where they enjoy being and enjoy learning.  It provides a stimulating learning environment where students can work in collaborative spaces and more intimate spaces both within the classroom and beyond. 

Located in Bundaberg, Queensland, the new Middle School Building superbly caters for the type of learning espoused by the St Luke’s Anglican School’s middle school philosophy through the creation of open spaces, outdoor precincts, flexible learning areas and breakout rooms. Aesthetically the building is extremely inviting and creates a wonderfully stimulating and appealing environment in which to teach and learn.

The entry corridor opens into the central flexible learning area– the heart and central spine of the building. High ceilings and expansive glazing create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas, and an undulating timber ceiling sweeps through the space, adding warmth and creating human-scale areas. This generous internal concourse is a hub for active learning, and has been zoned to meet a variety of user and curriculum needs.

This central FLA space flows seamlessly onto eight GLAs to either side and into a further 5 small group learning areas. Centrally located, the area connects people. Accommodating specific activities: Year 7 Art Gallery, Year 8 Drama Performance, Year 9 Musical Production, Language Day in Action, Science Fairs and the Academic Decathlon but most importantly accommodates impromptu activities. Includes a gallery, computer nook, café, writable walls, bag racks, a copy nook, adaptable furniture, and creative students and staff excited to bring energy to this vibrant space.

The understanding of context is also evident in the design. The location is “breezy”! The informal design responds to this. Access can be gained from all directions. The building, despite its many designated spaces, feels open. Inside and outside blend. Being able to occupy and dwell on the peripheries of this building was important along with controlled views to the outside school community. Areas are transparent and the central FLA hub is vaulted to expel build up and permit the prevailing breezes to circulate through the spaces.

The students are thrilled with their new learning environment and this facility will ensure productive and engaged learning for many future generations.

This page last updated: Tuesday 24 May 2016

2016 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility