Strathcona Learning Centre

Project Details

PMDL Architecture + Design

34 Scott Street Canterbury Victoria 3126


Project Overview

The Learning Centre is a responsive and agile teaching and learning facility designed to support Strathcona and it’s needs well into the future.  With “Learning and Community” at the core of Strathcona's’ values, the Learning Centre creates an active and vibrant ‘heart’ space, integrated into the campus, creating and reinforcing connections and collaboration. 

The concept of the ‘Learning Centre’, integrated with a ‘Learning Street’ running along the north south axis of the site, provided new possibilities to link facilities and strengthen connections throughout the campus.  The concept was a relaxed structure with blurred boundaries, promoting enquiry and discourse, providing flexible but discrete connected learning environments.   A three storey building was considered an appropriate scale to accommodate a new Knowledge Exchange, Middle School and Science Discovery.  The establishment of a Knowledge Exchange as an integrated part of the ‘learning street‘ is pivotal to the concept.  The learning street and Knowledge Exchange connects administrations services, the canteen and the sports field to the north with the central courtyard as the ‘heart space’ of the senior campus.  The open design creates social spaces to interact, relax, and share while enjoying distant views of Yarra Valley Ranges.  Playful integration of landscape treatments assist to blur the boundaries between internal and external spaces.

This page last updated: Tuesday 24 May 2016

2016 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility