Wattleview Primary School

Project Details

Patrick Architects Pty Ltd

19 Wattletree Road Ferntree Gully Victoria 3156

$3.9 Million

Project Overview

Wattleview Primary School is designed for 400 students and comprises:

  • a new primary school and administration building
  • a refurbished classroom building
  • an existing Building the Education Revolution (BER) 2009 building
  • landscaped external areas including “Wattleview Walk”

The new building embraces new pedagogy learning and provides a learning community for 120-140 students in a flexible space that is easily reconfigurable and provides for many different modalities of learning

The learning spaces are designed to foster collaboration among students and teachers and where everyone helps one another to learn.
In the new Grade 5-6 Learning Community, the students have their own:

Each of the learning areas has direct access to outdoor learning opportunities.

Access to the new building is controlled by the administration area which is the obvious point of entry to the school with its welcoming entrance canopy. The general office and Principal’s office overlook the front of the school and the entry. This is an important requirement for the safety and security of these primary school age students.

The building optimises natural light from the north and south and minimises exposure to east and west sun. Wide verandas on all sides exclude summer sun and provide better thermal comfort throughout. They provide important shade and covered areas that extend the learning areas and facilitate under-cover outdoor learning activities and play areas.

The large collaborative spaces are an important architectural feature of the building. Ceilings of varying height create a range of dramatic and different light-filled spaces. Clerestories that include motorised windows provide natural light and ventilation as well as the opportunity for automated night purging of hot air in the summer months.

To enhance external learning and the importance of play for learning, we created “Wattleview Walk” which is a tree-lined avenue down the middle of the school that has numerous activities on either side which include: outdoor chess; numerous individual four square courts; small group seating areas; play activities; and the solar system which is a collection of coloured concrete spheres depicting the size and scale of the planets in our solar system and double as an adventure walk and seating.

The staff lounge is centrally located and overlooks the outdoor activity areas along Wattleview Walk. This provides supervision of these play areas both directly and indirectly and creates a sense of overlooking to help improve student behaviour. Students can feel safe knowing that the play areas are overlooked by staff in addition to the staff on yard duty.

Long views through the school enhance the users' sense of connectedness to the whole learning community. There are external views to the green play areas, sports field and Wattleview Walk from most parts of the school which provides visual interest and a sense of connectedness to their whole school environment.

This page last updated: Tuesday 24 May 2016

2016 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility