Wilderness School Science and Humanities Centre

Project Details

Brown Falconer

30 Hawkers Road, Medindie SA 5081


Project Overview

Construction of a two storey extension to the Science and Humanities Building providing flexible learning areas integrated with existing science and humanities areas and outdoor learning space, learning courtyards and landscaped outdoor learning areas.

The new extension to the Science and Humanities Building allows the flexible learning spaces to connect to the existing so that learning could be a seamless extension of the integrated learning that already takes place.

This was achieved by extending with new building to the north in an underutilised garden area. It was also agreed early on to build double storey, given the limited land available at the school for future expansion, and to include a lift to connect the whole upper level of the science and humanities building with the ground level.

The new building supplies four learning areas of around 100 square metres each, with the two learning areas on each level divided by large glass sliding doors, effectively allowing the two areas to become one large space.

A walkway at first floor level provides outdoor learning space as well as being the link with the existing building and the new lift, and at ground floor level the learning areas spill onto a sheltered courtyard bordered on two of its sides by the existing building.

The design of the curving stair creates a clever curved seating space and focal tree which offers an extra intimate sitting area for the girls and the stair design creates tiered seating facing the lawn which provides an opportunity for the girls to use this space for learning, socialising and performing.


This page last updated: Tuesday 24 May 2016

2016 Category 2 New Construction Major Facility