LE NSW visits The Branwhite Centre-William Clarke College

Published: Wednesday 17 March 2021

LE NSW were thrilled to be able to host sixty members and associates at a “real “site visit on the 16th March to the Branwhite Centre at William Clarke College.

Located in Sydney’s rapidly growing north-west suburb Kellyville, the William Clarke College STEAM building represents the genesis of a new building typology for the college and the first stage in a transformative masterplan prepared by PMDL. The location on the existing campus aims to create a new learning node to integrate with future campus development as well as connecting site lines across the school’s significant green space.

The Centre design caters to the existing student population, providing new learning spaces for the 6 stream high school, a home-base for two year groups and purpose-built faculty areas for Science, Art,  Technology and Applied Science (TAS) and Maths. Likewise, the design of this space allows for for integration of traditional disciplines, facilitating movement, collaboration and creativity thus allowing learning to be authentic, active and visible.

Its flexibility in design allows the bottom floor to be transformed seamlessly into a Gallery for display of students Body of Works and Major Projects across the Arts and Technology area. Likewise, the performance, multimedia space and design spaces allows for opportunity to explore the arts and design with state of the art technology.

Additionally, the centre is home to the students. Hours of operation are from 8am to 5 pm, always allowing students access. The top level is a designated space for Year 12 students and the middle level is a home base for Year 11. The students feel very privileged to have this space and believe it is a great environment to build community, communication, collaboration, while supporting each other and growing as learners.

Article by Cecely McGeachie, LE NSW Co-ordinator

Images - Brett Broadman Photography