NSW visits Corpus Christi Catholic College

Published: Wednesday 29 June 2022

Have you heard about the Flipped Classroom? The experience was certainly “flipped” to the next level with the LEA delegates becoming the learners and the students the teachers at Corpus Christi on the 22nd June. 

Thirty delegates were very excited to be visiting a site in person and what a treat it was!!! We were greeted by the students of Corpus Christi who were only two pleased to have the opportunity to show off their school and to demonstrate learning and leadership in an authentic context. 

We registered in the school administration block with Music students performing their pieces. What a treat for us, but what an opportunity to perform to a real audience. Music students seize the opportunity for this experience in preparation for their HSC exams coming up in August.

Once registered, the delegates were interviewed by enthusiastic students who are part of the CNN: Corpus Christi’s own media group/network. We were asked such questions as: How would you describe an innovative learning space, what will education look like in 50 years and can you encounter an interesting if not disastrous experience. I think Felicity Lewis wins that one when she spoke of nearly blowing a school up. I emphasis…nearly. This footage was recorded, edited and presented to the delegates before they left at the end of the tour. The outcome of this was excellent and of a professional standard. Given that these students had only 2 days training and are in years 7 and 8, the results were incredible as was the experience for delegates and students alike. 

To add to the wonderful welcome: we were served afternoon tea by the Food and Beverage students which were prepared by the Hospitality Operations students. This allowed them to practice skills learned in these two VET Frameworks to another authentic and very appreciative audience. Likewise, their new Vine Café is a perfect learning/function space and models the flexibility of design and space which is essential in all learning environments. 

Once fed, we were put to work. The Year 10 STEM students took us to the Learning Hub and we became the learners. It is interesting to see the “grownups” suddenly a little unsure and vulnerable. It is a nice reminder of how some of our students and colleagues feel when experiencing something new. Under the instruction of the students, we successfully assembled Solar Buddies to send to families with limited resources thus providing light for children to study by at night. 

We finished our evening with a light supper soiree and lights to light our path to explore the schools’ wonderful facilities and for our departure. 

A heartfelt thank you to the Staff and Students of Corpus Christi for this amazing experience. And thank you to our event sponsors-Interface and Woods Furniture. 

Article written by: Cecely McGeachie