ReLearn2013 - Regional Special Event

Published: Sunday 24 November 2013

What an incredibly inspiring and engaging couple of days at ReLearn2013.

The event began with Stephen Heppell's day "looking through the windows of learning" - which was an accurate description in so many ways.

The 61st floor of the MLC building in downtown Sydney was transformed into a learning space, with amazing views on a day where Sydney was showing off - great weather, blue skies, sparkling water. We were comfortable in our socks and appreciated the furniture provided Howarth and Woods. Participants also had the opportunity of a guided tour of GPT.

The windows quickly became an important element of the learning space - with glass-writing pens, they became the place for writing and sharing ideas. As Stephen Heppell challenged and inspired us, we were grateful for the insights from the students who joined us from Ravenswood and St Andrews Cathedral School.

On the second day Dr Kate Betram shared her insights about the considerations of design for the spaces where teachers work. This segued to Sam Nickless from GPT who talked about "Liquid Space" and the thinking behind different types of work spaces including ABW (activity-based working spaces).

As the skies let loose with rain, we embarked on a guided architectural walk (led by Eoghan Lewis from Sydney Architecture Walks) to the next venue of the day, through the city, Darling Harbour and onto U.Lab at UTS. Once there, we participated with the Mayfield projects and heard about Hope Tanzania from Philip Idle. ReLearn2013 concluded with a design-thinking session from Jo Jakovich and the crew at U.Lab

Download presentation by Mark Treadwell (below) and view photos of the two day sessions here.

Thanks to everyone who made this event such a success.

Anne Knock

NSW Chapter Chair