The Future is Digital

Published: Sunday 28 November 2021
Is the future of learning a virtual and augmented reality (AR)? After almost two years of online and remote learning how will we continue to incorporate and develop digital tools in education delivery? 
The NSW Chapter recently brought together a panel of industry thought leaders, educators and the student voice to discuss their experiences, challenges and the opportunities this evolving technology affords. 
Dr Rebecca Kummerfield Head of Education at The Sydney Jewish Museum showcased how AR is capturing and preserving the stories of holocaust survivors for future generations.
Naomi Manning from Sydney Living Museums illustrated how digital technology enabled the museum to reach a much broader audience and new ways to intereact with their exhibitions throughout Covid.
Joe Millward TAFE NSW Innovation Manager showcased how TAFE is using AR & VR in authentic learning experiences especially in arctivities that would be dangerous for new learners in the real world. 
Danny Casolin, ICT leader, in conjuction with former St Josephs student Callum Elliss discussed their experiences pushing the boundaries of VR and digital student work for assessment. 
Matt Esterman from Our Lady of Mercy College outlined the opportunities for the future. 
The expert panel discussion provided much to be excited about for the future.
Article submitted by Kristine Piggford
Photo credit: Julia M Cameron, Pexels