Where do we stand on standardisation?

Published: Sunday 28 November 2021

In September 2021 LEA NSW hosted a web-based event to unpack the new industry coined term ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ (MMC) and what it meant for building professionals, schools and their organisations.

We explored MMC within the context of the age-old issue of building schools faster and cheaper to address our rapidly growing populations.

We had the pleasure of hearing both local and global perspectives from guest speakers Martin Fenn (Chartered Inst. Of Building), David Doyle (Catholic Education Diocese Parramatta) and David Tweedie (Hayball Architecture). Our speakers debunked perceptions of MMC as a revitalised ‘demountable’ - the approach was more accurately framed as a variety of parts, technologies and methodologies tailored to the needs of each school and their community.

We gained insight of the many advantages in procuring schools through modern construction methods with some key drivers focusing on reduced development costs, reduced time frames, less disruption to operational schools, sustainable outcomes and importantly, the continued ability to create innovative learning environments. 

Modern methods of construction for schools is certainly not a new idea, however our speakers demonstrated through their research and case studies, the leaps and bounds this evolving methodology is making as a vehicle to deliver quality education within our fast expanding neighbourhoods.

Article written by Andrew Fong.

Image provided by Ben Guthrie.