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Published: Wednesday 2 May 2012

The Auckland group is having its next site visit to the new Hingaia Primary School. This will be the second site visit since the launch of the CEFPI Chapter in NZ last year.

Hingaia was constructed last year in a greenfields location, the school was opened at the beginning of this year. Sited in a rapidly expanding new village this brand new school serves an important role as the gathering space for this growing community. Designed for the Ministry of Education by Brewer Davidson Architects and built by NZ Strong contractors in a DesignBuild consortium.

The project has been well received and CEFPI members are looking forward to the site visit at 4.30, Thursday 10 May. The school is located at 171 Hingaia Road, South Auckland.

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For more information about the site visit contact Hamish Boyd

Hamish Boyd CEFPI NZ